If you watched Nick Jr. between 1994 and 2004, you'll likely remember a character named Face, the mascot from September 5, 1994, and October 8, 2004. What you probably didn't know is that some of Face promos haven't been seen since then. Some original versions of the 1994 promos, and some American dubbed promos haven't been seen, but foreign dubs, such as the UK dubs have been seen, although it could be possible that they were exclusive Face Promos for those territories, some short promos haven't had their full version seen, and some are gone all together, such as most of the 2003 promos.

List of Lost Face Promos

  • Face Eats A Peanut Butter Sandwich (1994, original version lost)
  • Face the Grape (with red and blue circles forming purple) (UK version found) (original US version found)
  • Face the Pirate (1995, US version found)
  • Face is Upside Down (1995, teal green background, whole promo found)
  • Face Makes Sheep Sounds (1995, full version found)
  • Face Bounces Around (1996, US TV version found)
  • Face Goes Fishing (1998, original version lost)
  • Face Scratches Like A Record (1995, US version lost)
  • Face The Artist (2003, FOUND)
  • Face Sings Different Types of Music (2001, full version lost)
  • Face Has A Kitten, A Puppy And a Goldfish (2001, full version lost)
  • Face Plays With A Hamster (2001, full version lost)
  • Face Loves Animal Crackers (2001, full version lost)
  • An unknown promo starting with Face in a Yo-Yo (2003, full version lost)
  • Face says his name in Spanish (2003, full version lost)
  • Face The Flashlight (1995, US version FOUND)
  • Face Shows Different Feelings (1994, FOUND)
  • Face Waters His Flowers (1998, whole promo lost)
  • Face Loves Springtime (1995, US version lost)
  • Face Tells Fruit Jokes (1996, found)
  • Face and some Strawberries (2003, full version lost)
  • Face and the Out of Control Curtain (1995, US home video version found, TV version lost)
  • Face's Special Birthday Message (blue background transitions to orange) (Flying balloons) (US TV version lost)
  • Face the Traffic Light (1996 or 1997, US TV version lost)
  • Face the Sun (2004, whole promo lost)
  • Face the Flower (2004, whole promo lost)
  • Face Hums (Green background Full US TV version FOUND)
  • Face Plays Instruments (2001, full version lost)
  • Face Halloween (Little Bear Version, Existence Unconfirmed)
  • Face in the Rain (1995?, whole promo lost)
  • Any 2003 Face promos announcing Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, Oswald, or Bob the Builder.

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