There are the Lost Spanish Dubs of series, animation and others

South Park (Mexico)

See South Park (Lost Mexican Spanish Dub)

The Super Milk-chan Show (Venezuela)

This dub was broadcast in the Latin American variant of Animax (before its closedown). There were discussions about this certain dub on private forums at the time, such as archived websites and the Doblaje wikia. The only footage available for this series is an advertisement for its premiere on channel Locomotion in 1998; however, the TV network used to air the show in Japanese with Spanish subtitles.


Character Voice
Milk-chan Mariela Diaz
Tetsuko Lileana Chacon
Hanage Daniel Jimenez

You can see the rest of the cast here

EDIT: as of May 24, 2017, a YouTube user has posted the dubbed episodes online , ripped from DVD.

Princess Comet (Señorita Cometa) (Original Dub, Mexico)

This dub was produced by La Taxqueña, lost in 1985 due to an earthquake that took place in Mexico City, causing irreparable damages to the Televisa audiovisual library. Only 4 episodes remained on existence. In 2014 the series was redubbed.


Character Original Voice
Princess Comet Zoila Quiñones
Genius Professor*

Rubens Mendel (First voice)

Fernando Rivas Salazar (Second voice)


Alejandro Rivas (First voice)

Diana Santos (Second voice)


Sofia Alvarez (First Voice)

Alfonso Obregon (Second voice)


Yolanda Reynoso (First voice)

Rocio Arreola (Second voice)

You can see the rest of the cast here

*the name of this character is not the original one.

Doctor Who (Doctor Misterio) (Original classic series; Mexico)

There is not much to say about the dub, the only Doctor Who's seasons that are known to be dubbed were the first and fourth sagas.


Character Voice
One Doctor Alberto Gavira
Four Doctor Arturo Mercado
Narrator Jose Lavat

You can check this up.

Peppa Pig (Venezuela)

See Peppa Pig Venezuelan Dub.

Masked Rider (Jinete Enmascarado, Mexico)

Masked Rider (dubbed as Jinete Enmascarad), is an animated series created by Saban Entertainment and aired on Fox until November 1996.

The only Spanish footages to be known online are the European Spanish dub, aired on Spain.


Character Voice
Masked Rider / Prince Dex Benjamin Rivera
Harold Stewart Mario Sauret
Ferbus Ernesto Lezama
Chopper Hernan Lopez
Narrator Gonzalo Curiel

You can see more info here

Voltron: The Thrid Dimension (Voltron: La tercera dimensión; Mexico)

Voltron: The Third Dimension was an anime-style animated series created by Mike Young Productions with 26 episodes which aired from 1998 to 2000.

The Latin Spanish dub was produced in Mexico by dubbing studio Audiomaster 3000. It is currently lost.


Character Voice
Keith Kurogane Benjamin Rivera
Pidge Eduardo Garza
Lance Jose Antonio Macias
Hunk Alberto Gabriel Basurto
Alfor Alvaro Tancicio
Lafftle Ishtar Saenez

You can see more info here

G.I Joe: Sigma 6 (Colombia)

G.I Joe: Sigma 6 is an Anime based in the animated series G.I Joe.

The Latin Spanish dub was made in Colombia by Provideo S.A and broadcast on Jetix Latin America.

Since the series was pulled off the air by the channel in 2008, episodes of the series can be found only in European Spanish. The only evidences about the Latin American dub are footages of the first episode ripped from Jetix on YouTube and the Dubbed Intro


Character Voice
Duke Carlos Jimenez
Cobra Omar Barrera
Scarlett Shirley Marulanda
Over Kill Bayardo Ardila
Destro Mario Gutierrez
Kamakura Carlos Alberto Gutierrez
Zartan John Grey
Spirit Julio Cesar Mora

You can see more info here and here

Tenkai Knights (Colombia)

Tenkai Knights is a Canadian-Japanese anime created by Shogakukan-Shueisha Produccions and Spinmaster.

The dub was also made in Colombia by Provideo S.A and aired on Televix.

The only evidence found was the Intro

Since the cast is very long, will be better you go to her page in Doblaje Wiki.

El show de Moxy (The Moxy Show, Mexico)

The Moxy Show was an American animated series created by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network, which used to be broadcast on the channel between 1993 and 2000.

Its Latin Spanish dub was produced in Mexico by Suite Sync (currently Sensaciones Sonicas) before its inactivity.

The only thing who are in internet are an some clips of the series.


Character Voice
Moxy Ricardo Mendoza

You can see more info here

Oh Yeah! Cartoons (Venezuela, Chile)

Since the entire "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" Latin Spanish dub for the series was lost, the most interesting thing of it is the Latin American dubbing cast for the "The Fairy Oddparents" shorts.

Since the actual series is already being dubbed in Miami as "Los Padrinos Magicos", in the "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" shorts, it used to be called "Los Hados Padrinos", with different voice actors based in Venezuela. Due to broadcast licenses between Fox Kids and Nickelodeon regarding the series' airing at the time (since Fox Kids was already airing it), the shorts aired on Nickelodeon with a different cast.

Character Voice
Timmy Turner Jhonny Torres
Cosmo Ezequiel Serrano
Wanda Livia Méndez

Stickin' Around (Mexico)

See Stickin' Around (Lost Spainsh Dub).

The Cramp Twins (Mexico?)

This dub was broadcast in the Latin American variant of Jetix and was made in Mexico (I think?). The cast of this dub is unknown.

Chalkzone (Zona Tiza, Chile)

This dub of ChalkZone aired on the Latin feed of Nickelodeon, it was made in Chile by DINT Doblajes Internacionales. The known footage of this dub are short clips of it, for exmaple this one [1].


Imagen Personaje Actor de voz original Actor de doblaje
rowspan="2" style="padding: 0;" Rudolph Bartholomew "Rudy" Tabootie E.G. Daily René Pinochet
Andrea Pérez (voz cantada y coros)
style="padding: 0;" Penelope Victoria "Penny" Sanchez Hynden Walch Gianina Talloni
style="padding: 0;" Snap Candi Milo Pablo Ausensi
style="padding: 0;" Skrawl Jim Cummings Jorge Lillo
rowspan="2" style="padding: 0;" Reina Rapsheeba Rosslynn Taylor Maureen Herman
Yaninna Quiroz
style="padding: 0;" Joe Tabootie Jess Harnell Alejandro Trejo
style="padding: 0;" Mildred Tabootie Miriam Flynn ¿?
style="padding: 0;" Horace T. Wilter Robert Cait Omar López
style="padding: 0;" Reggie Bullnerd Candi Milo ¿?

Spider-Man (1981) (Argentina)

See Spider-Man (Lost 1981 Latin Spanish Dub).

The Upside Down Show (El Mundo Al Revés, Colombia)

See The Upside Down Show (Lost Latin American Dub)

Maisy (Unknown)

Maisy is a British-American children's animated television series based on the book series by Lucy Cousins. In 2006, Boomerang Latin America started to broadcasting this show as Maisy la ratoncita. No episodes, clips or promos of this dub are available, and there's not even information in Doblaje Wiki, the only evidences that remains are only two pages that announces Maisy on Boomerang, and the list of brodcast by Boomerang Latin America in Wikipedia :

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat (Sagwa, la gatita siamesa, Venezuela)

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat is a Chinese-Canadian-American animated series. In the early 2000's, Cartoon Network Latin America screened the series as Sagwa, la gatita siamesa.

Only one episode of the dub has been found:

Canal ISB in Chile airs the dub, and their livestream link can be found here:


Character Voice
Sagwa Miao Yensi Rivero
 Dongwa Miao Maythe Guedes
Sheegwa Miao Anabella Silva
Baba Miao Juan Guzmán
Mama Miao Rebeca Aponte

Pelswick (Venezuela)

Pelswick aired in Latin America on ZAZ with a dub made in Venezuela. No episodes of the dub have been found.

UPDATE: The Spanish dub is available for streaming on TubiTV.


Character Voice
Pelswick Eggert Gonzalo Fumero
Ace Nakamura ¿?
Goon Gunderson Paul Gillman

Timothy Goes to School (Timothy va la escuela, Mexico)

Timothy Goes to School aired on ZAZ as well, but was dubbed in Mexico with notable voice actors providing roles, such as Gaby Ugarte as Yoko and Rocio Garcel as Mrs. Jenkins.

The dub is lost outside of two episodes (, and two brief clips (,

What's with Andy? (Las locuras de Andy, Mexico)

What's with Andy? was a Canadian animated series. Much like fellow CinéGroupe show Sagwa, it was dubbed into Spanish, this time in Mexico. The dub is currently lost outside of a promo.

Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island (Las aventuras de Coco Fred, Venezuela)

See Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island (Lost Latin Spanish Dub)

Ozie Boo! (Chile)

Ozie Boo! is a French 3D animation television series for children aged 2–6 years that began in 2005. In 2009, the dub was made in Chile and it began to be broadcast by Playhouse Disney. Only one promo of a venezuelan channel called TVES (TVesAlDia) has been found (


Character Voice
Ed Rodrigo Saavedra
Ned Consuelo Pizarro
Nelly Vanesa Silva
Fred Carolina Villanueva
Ted Sergio Aliaga
Mikky René Pinochet
Nikky ¿?
Rajah ¿?
Pelican ¿?

Bonkers (Los Angeles)

Bonkers received a Latin American Spanish dub made in Los Angeles, California, U.S. around the 90's. The dub is currently lost outside of some YouTube uploads of a partial intro.

The Beatles Cartoon (Mexico)

See The Beatles Cartoon (Latin Spanish Dub)

Between the Lions (Mexico, Venezuela)

See Between the Lions (Lost Latin Spanish Dub)

Disney's Teacher´s Pet (Mexico)

See Disney's Teacher´s Pet (Lost Latin Spanish Dub)

Robot & Monster (Venezuela)

There is not much to say about the dub too. No episodes or clips of the dub have been found, and (the official Nickelodeon Latin America website) deleted all the episodes from their page.


Character Voice
Robot Default Héctor Indriago
Monster Krumholtz José Gregorio Quevedo
Gart Default Luis García
Spitfire María José Estévez
J.D. Anna Bucci
Marf Eder La Barrera

Bunnytown (Mexico)

Bunnytown was an American/Canadian children's television program that aired on Playhouse Disney. There's no information in Doblaje Wiki. All the European Spanish episodes are available online and the clips from Youtube are from the European Spanish too, but there's no episodes or clips with the Latin American dub.

The only evidence found was the intro.

Shining Time Station (La estación de la alegría Mexico)

Shining Time Station was an American children's series, this is dubbed in Mexico with Pedro D'Aguillón Jr. voicing both iterations of Mr. Conductor and Aired on ZAZ in 1994-1998. The dub is lost outside of two brief clips on youtube.