There are the Lost Spanish Dubs of series, animation and others

South Park (Mexico)

See South Park (Lost Mexican Spanish Dub)

The Super Milk-chan Show (Venezuela)

This dub was transmited in Animax (Before her closing), in internet are proofs of the dub in forums, web pages and the Doblaje Wiki, The only latin spanish proof are an commercial in Locomotion in 1998 but in these channel was the Japanese version with subs


Character Voice
Milk-chan Mariela Diaz
Tetsuko Lileana Chacon
Hanage Daniel Jimenez

You can see the rest of the cast here

Princess Comet (Señorita Cometa) (Original Dub) (Mexico)

This dub was created by La Taxqueña, This dub was lost in 1985 during the Mexico City earthquake due of the Televisa Library was destroyed along with El Chavo del 8 and Chapulin Colorado episodes, only 4 episodes was saved for this dub, in 2014 the series was reddubed but with differents actors.


Character Original Voice
Princess Comet Zoila Quiñones
Genius Professor*

Rubens Mendel (First voice)

Fernando Rivas Salazar (Second voice)


Alejandro Rivas (First voice)

Diana Santos (Second voice)


Sofia Alvarez (First Voice)

Alfonso Obregon (Second voice)


Yolanda Reynoso (First voice)

Rocio Arreola (Second voice)

You can see the rest of the cast here

NOTE: The * means about the name of the character is not the original, if someone know who are her names edit the page and remove this note, you can see who are in the link above

Doctor Who (Doctor Misterio) (Classic Serie) (Mexico)

There is not much about the dub, the only who was know are some voices and about some series was dubbed (these are the one and four doctor).

NOTE: This serie is not the current.


Character Voice
One Doctor Alberto Gavira
Four Doctor Arturo Mercado
Narrator Jose Lavat

You can see more information here

Peppa Pig (Venezuela)

See Peppa Pig Venezuelan Dub.

Masked Rider (Jinete Enmascarado) (Mexico)

Masked Rider or Jinete Enmascarado in the dub, is an serie created by Saban International and transmited in FOX until November 1996.

Seaching for this dub willo only find the episodes in English and the Castillan Intro.


Character Voice
Masked Rider / Prince Dex Benjamin Rivera
Harold Stewart Mario Sauret
Ferbus Ernesto Lezama
Chopper Hernan Lopez
Narrator Gonzalo Curiel

You can see more info here

Voltron: The Thrid Dimension (Voltron: La tercera dimension) (Mexico)

Voltron: The Thrid Dimension was an Animated style-anime(?) serie created by Mike Young Productions with 26 episodes from 1998 to 2000.

The spanish dub was made in Mexico in the extint Audiomaster 3000, the dub is lost by an unknown reason, probably for low audience.


Character Voice
Keith Kurogane Benjamin Rivera
Pidge Eduardo Garza
Lance Jose Antonio Macias
Hunk Alberto Gabriel Basurto
Alfor Alvaro Tancicio
Lafftle Ishtar Saenez

You can see more info here

G.I Joe: Sigma 6 (Colombia)

G.I Joe: Sigma 6 is an Anime based in the animated series G.I Joe.

The Spanish Dub was made in Colombia (some page will probably say Venezuela instead) in Provideo S.A and transmited in the extint Jetix.

Since Jetix close her transmittion in 2004, the episodes can be finded only in Castillan Spanish, the only things who was find is an preview of the first episode ripped for Jetix and the Dubbed Intro


Character Voice
Duke Carlos Jimenez
Cobra Omar Barrera
Scarlett Shirley Marulanda
Over Kill Bayardo Ardila
Destro Mario Gutierrez
Kamakura Carlos Alberto Gutierrez
Zartan John Grey
Spirit Julio Cesar Mora

You can see more info here and here

Tenkai Knights (Colombia)

Tenkai Knights is Canadian-Japanese anime created by Shogakukan-Shueisha Produccions and Spinmaster.

The dub like G.I Joe: Sigma 6, was made in Colombia (Mistakely Venezuela) by Provideo S.A and produced by Televix.

The only thing finded was the Intro

Since the cast is very long, will be better you go to her page in Doblaje Wiki.

El show de Moxy (The Moxy Show) (Mexico)

The Moxy Show was an show created by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network transmited during 1993 until 2000.

The Dub was made in Mexico in Suite Sync (Now Sensaciones Sonicas) before her inactivity.

The only thing who are in internet are an some clips of the series.


Character Voice
Moxy Ricardo Mendoza

You can see more info here

Oh Yeah! Cartoons (Venezuela, Chile)

Since Oh Yeah Cartoons was lost, the Venezuelan/Chilean dub for this was lost too, the only thing for interest is "The Fairy Oddpants" Dub.

Since The Fairy Oddpants is already dubbed in Miami with the name "Los Padrinos Magicos", in Oh Yeah! Cartoons her pilot was called "Los Hados Padrinos", also have an different cast, who is complete venezuelan.

Character Voice
Timmy Turner Jhonny Torres
Cosmo Ezequiel Serrano
Wanda Livia Méndez

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