Los Colorados is a series for young children created by Cheri Lewis and Remus Crisán, well known for working on the series Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotomicas. It was produced by Jungla Toons (now called Monociclope) and aired on SERTV during the late 2010's.

The series focuses on Aulli, a monkey who plays the guitar, Pía, an harpy eagle who plays the drums and Piro, a Tapir who plays a bass guitar, on which these form a worldwide famous band called "Los Colorados." It takes place on a jungle which looks somehow like a city, which is part of the Camino de Cruces National Park on reality.

Due to the major problems in the country and the station which it was broadcasting was very poor at the time, only five episodes of the series remain, along with three musical videos on the internet. It is claimed that more than those episodes are being broadcasted in television, but now they are considered lost.

Somosloscolorados channel:

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