Little Monsters is a cartoon based off the books of the same name, premiering on BBC in 1998. The show has lost dubs (the Gaelic, Dutch, and Greek versions are exceptions) that have very few sources still available.


The show had an Arabic dub, but only the opening and closing credits have been found. It has been shown to air on Spacetoon.


The French version is named Les Petites Crapules and had some of the books translated for French speakers. Speaking of the cartoon's French dub, only a fragment of the opening and a Too Late Toby episode was found.


The Portuguese version is named Os Traquinas. Unlike the other versions, nothing of this dub has been found.


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JUNE 16, 2017: I found some French DVDs of Little Monsters on Amazon.

Volume 1:épisodes/dp/B00005UJWR/ref=sr_1_2?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1497658605&sr=1-2&keywords=Petites+crapules+%28Les%29
Volume 2:
Volume 1/2:


Les petites crapules en coffret DVD01:47

Les petites crapules en coffret DVD

A part of the intro and an episode in French

Little Monsters - Credits (Arabic)00:30

Little Monsters - Credits (Arabic)

The Arabic version's closing credits

Little Monsters - Opening (Arabic)00:30

Little Monsters - Opening (Arabic)

The opening of the show in Arabic

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