Little Einsteins British Intro Season 2 *RARE!!!*01:00

Little Einsteins British Intro Season 2 *RARE!!!*

The intro to the British dub.

Little Einsteins is a American show for kids made in 2005 for Playhouse Disney (now Disney Junior, where it currently airs in the United States).

There existed a United Kingdom dub. The dub is rare and only an episode has surfaced on the internet so far, but was recently copyrighted.


The whole series is available on, however, the episodes can't be watched for free, not even with a Prime membership, and can only be accessed in the U.K.

Found episodes

Season 2

  • Rocket's Firebird Rescue
  • [1] Rocket Soup (first few minutes cut off)


  • Leo - Piers Stubs (Season 1) / Robert Madge (Season 2)
  • Quincy - Mitchell Zhangazha
  • June - Poppy Lee Friar
  • Annie - Elle McHugh (Season 1) / Kristy Hickey (Season 2)


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