Little Einsteins Hungarian Theme00:59

Little Einsteins Hungarian Theme

Kis Einsteinek - Az aranypiramis legendája part109:57

Kis Einsteinek - Az aranypiramis legendája part1

Here is the first part of the Hungarian dub of "The Legend of the Golden Pyramid."

Kis Einsteinek - Az aranypiramis legendája part303:08

Kis Einsteinek - Az aranypiramis legendája part3

Even though the second part is missing, the third and last part is still available.

Little Einsteins is an American children's show that aired on Playhouse Disney (later known as Disney Junior) on October 9, 2005. The show has many dubs, including Greek, Italian, Hindi, and Czech. However, there is a rare Hungarian dub of the show entitled "Kis Einsteinek." The dub was made by Digital Media Services for Disney Channel's "Playhouse Disney" block. At the time, Disney Channel was not very popular in Hungary, only being displayed at few cable networks, making a few Disney Channel shows from that era hard to find. The end of the Hungarian dub of the episode, "The Legend of the Golden Pyramid" is on YouTube. The other two parts of the episode were uploaded, but sadly got blocked worldwide by Disney. No more clips of the Hungarian dub have been found yet.

UPDATE: 02/21/2016: Guys I found this on a site I never checked at. Theme song coming today and I might even upload episodes on Dailymotion or Vimeo - ballwa44

Theme song: - ballwa44

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