If you were a 2000's kid, you'll probably remember Liberty's Kids. But did you know that there's was a original broadcast on PBS?


The Liberty's Kids News Network

A newscast delivered by Cronkite summarizeing the episode with his signature sign-off "And That's the Way It Is"

Mystery Guest

The titular characters guess the mystery guest

Now and Then 

Sarah compares the time period of the Revolutionary War with the modern day.

Continental Cartoons

A word guesting game

How is it lost?

It fell into obscurity and was never even broadcast on Cookie Jar Toons or KOL's Secret Slumber Party and the Complete Series DVD's don't have it either.

What can we do?

We could contact DHX Media (The current owner of the Dic Shows)


Lost Media Wiki Contributor Vance the VHS Guy has recalled VHS Tapes having the extra segments

Nanis founded a screenshot of Now and Then! 
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