Les Jules, chienne de vie... (Jules, A Dog's Life, released in English as Buddy Buddy... A Dog's Life!), is a French animated series, created by the adult cartoonist Picha. The show focused on two dog siblings who are both named "Jule" (Buddy in the English dub), and other characters, who are also dogs, having misadventures around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there is not much information about the series online, and is almost considered lost, and a handful of episodes in French, German, Polish, and Castilian Spanish have been uploaded to YouTube, and the English, but Ukrainian voice over was uploaded to VK. Also the series, aired apparently worldwide, and the list below are the lost and found dubs.

International version titles

Key: F = Found L = Lost

  • Arabic: ???
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Vida de Cachorro (L)
  • Castilian Spanish: ¡Oh que vida de perros! (F)
  • Danish: ???
  • Dutch: ???
  • English: Buddy Buddy... A Dog's Life (Partially found, but only the episode "Fleas", but ukrianian voice over) (F)
  • Finnish: Koiranelämää (L)
  • German: Buddy Buddy – Zwei Hundeleben (F)
  • Hungarian: Kutyaélet (L)
  • Italian: Sale e Pepe (F, but the only the intro has resurfaced, but has a different opening.)
  • Japanese: ???
  • Korean: ???
  • Latin Spanish: ¡Que vida de perros! (L)
  • Norwegian: ??
  • Polish: Kundle i reszta (F)
  • Russian: ???
  • Swedish: ???
  • Turkish: ???
  • Ukrianian: Хороший пес, поганий пес (English, Ukrainian voice-over) (F)

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