In 1958, Peyo created the popular The Smurfs and they first appeared on a Belgium comic of Johan and Peewit story "La Flûte à six trous". In 1965, a 90 minute animated film was made called Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs (in English: The Adventures of the Smurfs). It was the first animated materials to feature The Smurfs, but eleven years later The Smurfs and the Magic Flute was released eleven years afterwards to successful box office returns. it was divided into five segments and was in black and white. Parts of the film can be seen on display at the Belgian Comic Strip Center.

The Segments


A Smurf gets himself captured by Gargamel. Now, the Smurfs must save him before he gets killed.

The Smurfs and the Magic Egg

The Smurfs discover a magic egg. But they don't know it has been created by Gargamel.

The Black Smurfs

A contagious disease terrorizes the village.

The Smurfs and the Dragon

The Smurfs befriend a domesticated dragon.

The Flying Smurf

One of the Smurfs attempts to fly like a bird.


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An animation cel for the film.

Le faux schtroumpf - De valse smurf (T.V.A12:42

Le faux schtroumpf - De valse smurf (T.V.A. Dupuis 1965)

Surviving footage from the film.

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