Lenguins was a 2004 tech demo made by Proto Media production company.

Lenguins is most likely going to be a 2 player interactive game based on completing puzzles for the PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. Nothing else on this topic was found except a prototype for 'episode 2' which could have been episode 2 of the game. No other footage or images have surfaced, rendering this game lost. The Game was found

However, on further research, when looking up Protomedia, the game 'company' doesn't exist. The only thing that was found was a photograph company named with the same name, which makes the game even harder to find.

The Lenguins game can be found online.

Lenguins - Unreleased Xbox Publisher Pitch (Raw Footage)12:47

Lenguins - Unreleased Xbox Publisher Pitch (Raw Footage)

"This second episode features an unreleased prototype pitch by NDL called Lenguins. This game is entirely unreleased, although some concept art and screenshots can be found online, and features a nice case and manual along with the game disk. Im still grappling with camera exposure, but things are looking up!" - PtoPOnline


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