Promotional poster for the film.

Laughter In The Dark is a film adaptation of the Vladimir Nabokov novel of the same name. Originally released in September of 1969, the plot was exactly the same as the book: a middle-aged man forms a relationship with a much younger woman, obviously causing drama among the people around him.

The film has never been available on home video, reportedly due to copyright issues. Its last theatrical screening was at a 1994 retrospective of Richardson's works in New York. Right now, it is still currently unknown if the film will ever be rereleased at all.


  • Nicol Williamson as Sir Edward Moore
  • Anna Karina as Margot
  • Jean-Claude Drouot as Herve Tourace
  • Peter Bowles as Paul
  • Siân Phillips as Lady Elizabeth Moore
  • Sebastian Breaks as Brian
  • Kate O'Toole as Amelia Moore
  • Edward Gardner as Driver
  • Sheila Burrell as Miss Porly
  • Willoughby Goddard as Colonel Basil
  • Dignam as Dealer
  • Philippa Urquhart as Philippa
  • Helen Booth as Maid 


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