Filmed in 1973 but edited and released in 1977, The Last House on Dead End Street is one of the most genuinely sleazy exploitation films of all time. Featuring a disturbing premise, lurid gore, bondage, and a surreal, dreamlike atmosphere, the film has amassed a rabid cult following with those lucky enough to see it.

While it's a very rare film as it is (only being released on an ultra-rare VHS, out of print DVD, and a limited run new VHS), few know about the original, 3-hour cut of the movie, titled The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell. This cut of the film reportedly incited a riot when it was screened at a film festival in 1974, and since then has not been seen. There is little to no info on what this cut of the film contains (which is probably around 90 minutes of extra footage, as the Dead End Street cut is a mere 77 minutes). A print is reportedly somewhere in a New York film archive, but this has not been proven. 

Last house on dead end street poster 01

Advertisement poster for the film.

The Last House on Dead End Street (1977) RATED R01:17:31

The Last House on Dead End Street (1977) RATED R

The entire movie (77 minute version). NSFW

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