DISCLAIMER: This article deals with NSFW content. Those who feel uncomfortable reading about, discussing, or searching about such a work, as well as young children without parental approval, should back out now.

La Blue Girl is a cult hentai OVA series based off a seinen (young men's) manga that was released from 1992 to 1994 in Japan.


Nin-nin, the controversial character in question.

Upon the series' licensing in the United States by Anime 18, they managed to get what was a rare thing at the time; a fully uncensored copy of the series, with genitals visible during sex scenes. (Genitals are censored by law in Japanese media.)

However, when the series was rereleased, by unknown circumstances the character Nin-nin, a dwarf who engages in sexual activity came into question due to his child-like appearance. Though lolicon is a legal grey area in the United States, the company decided to play it safe and remove all explicit scenes involving Nin-nin in all future VHS and DVD rereleases.

Though the Japanese/international versions of La Blue Girl contain the scenes with Nin-nin, the genitals are censored throughout, meaning the only truly uncensored version of the show exists in the original VHS release. Such tapes are hard to find as La Blue Girl was not the cult classic it is today back when the show was originally released; a lot of people did not see or hear about the show until future rereleases as the Internet became popular.

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