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Kratts' Creatures is a 1995 educational children's series on PBS hosted by Chris and Martin Kratt. In this show, the Kratt brothers travel around the world and teach children about the world of animals, with help from a fifteen year old girl named Allison (Shannon Duff) and an animated anthropomorphic animal named Ttark. It was followed by an unofficial spin-off for preschoolers called Zoboomafoo in 1999, and an animated series called Wild Kratts in 2011.

Between 2009-2010, a fan ripped the first 33 episodes from the PBS Kids GO! website when the show used to be on the site for broadband video streaming. However, months after he uploaded them on YouTube in August of 2010, he decided to delete his uploads and hand them over to a YouTube user named TheAccount2econd, who eventually uploaded them, and another fan who goes by the name of RicoKratt uploaded the next three episodes. Unfortunately, the next 14 episodes are nowhere to be found on the internet.

NOTE: On October 2015, after this article was written, TheAccount2econd unexpectedly removed all the 33 Kratts' Creatures episodes from her channel, rendering most of the video links here dead. In the meantime, you can download some torrents containing the episodes here and here.

List of episodes

  1. Big Five, Little Five (Found)
  2. City Critters (Found)
  3. Sharks (Found)
  4. Running With the Wild Dogs (Found)
  5. In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger (Found)
  6. The Great Defenders (Found)
  7. Pan Troglodytes: An In-depth Analysis (Found)
  8. The Great Canadians (Found)
  9. Rain Forests: Under the Canopy (Found)
  10. Creatures of the Night (Found)
  11. Elephants 1: Educating Emily (Found)
  12. Elephants 2: Wild Elephants Can't Drag Me Away (Found)
  13. Weird Creatures (Found)
  14. Planet of the Dolphins (Found)
  15. The Great Bear Show (Found)
  16. Mgobo of Baboon Mountain (Found)
  17. The How Show (Found)
  18. Kickboxing Kangaroos (Found)
  19. The Giant Bug Invasion!! (Found)
  20. Heavyweights of Africa! (Found)
  21. The Redcoats Are Coming! (Found)
  22. The Cow Show (Found)
  23. Maximum Cheetah Velocity (Found)
  24. Wild Ponies! (Found)
  25. Who's Who? (Found)
  26. Arribada 1: Sea Turtle Invasion (Found)
  27. Arribada 2: Running the Gauntlet (Found)
  28. Around Australia in Eight Days (Found)
  29. Hyenas Are Cool (Found)
  30. Mungu's Revenge (Found)
  31. Creature Rescue (Found)
  32. Lion, King of Beasts? (Found)
  33. Marsh Mania! (Found)
  34. Why? (Found)
  35. Koalas and Wombats: The Untold Story (Found)
  36. Backyard Bandits (Found)
  37. Hanging with the Monkeys
  38. The Best of the Best
  39. Polyp Power
  40. Wings
  41. Phantom Wolves
  42. Australia: Land of Mystery and Intrigue
  43. Leopard: Prince of Stealth
  44. When?
  45. Parched and Thirsty in the Outback
  46. Gatorglades
  47. Spots and Stripes Forever
  48. Three Cool Cats
  49. Where?
  50. Around Africa in Eight Hours

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