UPDATE- As of September 11, 2015, this episode has been found and uploaded to YouTube.

Shell-Shocked is an episode of the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! anime series that began airing on Foxbox in 2002. The episode 'Shell-Shocked' revolved around Escargoon's shell breaking (which ends up being completely destroyed by King Dedede). The episode was supposed going to air on June 11, 2005, but was pre-empted by This Week's Baseball. The episode didn't properly air until 2006. The English dub of the episode wasn't found for a long time until it was finally uploaded in September of 2015. The Japanese and Latin American (under the name "Un caparazón roto", translating to "A Broken Shell") versions is also available on Youtube. The commercial of the English dub episode of Shell-Shocked can be viewed too.

Kirby- Right Back at Ya! Commercial for Shell-Shocked00:17

Kirby- Right Back at Ya! Commercial for Shell-Shocked

Kirby Right Back at Ya! Episode 88 - Shell Shocked!20:06

Kirby Right Back at Ya! Episode 88 - Shell Shocked!

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