Kinniku Banzuke was a TBS Show that ran from 1995 to 2002. It featured many obstacle courses, such as Bamboo Derby, Hand Walk, and Daruma 7 that were deem unbeatable, but were beaten during the run. It is the founder of SASUKE, or Ninja Warrior, a show similar to Kinniku Banzuke that aired in 1997.

However, on May 5, 2002, an obstacle course, called Power Island, was ultimately the final run for the show. It featured only 2 obstacles, Rock Attack and Rock Valley.

In Rock Attack, contestants try to catch a ball from a 15 degree slope, and push it up the wall into the second obstacle, Rock Valley. In Rock Valley, after catching the ball and rolling it up, contestants then have to walk on the ball itself.

Two injuries occurred during filming of the course. Wei Tao, a 19 year old freshman at Kyoto University, was severely injured after falling off during Rock Valley. Takunori Isa, a 20 year old Junior at Tokai University, was also severely injured while catching the ball at Rock Attack.

This proved to be the final hurrah, as Kinniku Banzuke was cancelled after this incident and SASUKE wound be being an independent program, starting with the 10th Competition. Although photos do exist of the obstacle course, there is no footage of it. It may be for forever, as Kinniku Banzuke hasn't reran since 2008.

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