Screenshot of Kermit hiding beneath the table and Beautiful Day Monster about to eat everything.

"Kermit's Between Lecture" is a sketch that was created for and originally aired during Sesame Street episode 0070 (during the first season), on February 13, 1970.[1]

The sketch involved Kermit demonstrating "between" by using a ping-pong ball, donut, and a Beatles record stacked on a table to show how one object was between two others. Beautiful Day Monster then comes along and eats the three objects on the table. Kermit then ducks underneath the table for cover and trembles in fear, but Beautiful Day Monster also eats pieces of the table and takes it to bits. After there was nothing left for him to eat, Beautiful Day Monster was about to eat Kermit too, but he instead gives Kermit a kiss, thanking him for letting him eat table and the three objects.

There are no copies of the sketch available online, although there is only one screenshot of the sketch on Muppet Wiki. It also cannot be found in any episodes of international Sesame Street co-productions on YouTube (i.e. Sesamstraße, Sesamstraat, Iftah Ya Simsim, Rechov Sumsum, Rua Sesamo, etc.).

It was also mentioned by a user on one MuppetCentral forum thread. This forum thread is pretty old, dating back to September of 2005.[2]


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