Title card for the pilot.

Kappa Mikey was an animated comedy series that aired on Nicktoons Network from 2006 to 2008, with a short-lived Nickelodeon run as well. The show centered around a teenage American male named Mikey Simon, who wins a trip to Japan to star in an anime series named LilyMu. The show was an affectionate parody of anime and Japanese culture, and had a unique style of animation blending; Japanese people were portrayed in an anime artstyle, while American people were portrayed in a western-animated artstyle.

The series soon become a cult classic following its cancellation, but some are unaware of the original MTV pilot. The MTV incarnation was geared toward older audiences, with more adult humor, but the original voice actors still had the same parts. According to Andrew Kaiko, one of the show's animators, the pilot had different characterization, different animation, and a hip-hop soundtrack.

MTV declined the deal, and Nickelodeon took over the project.

Update:The pilot has been found.

Kappa Mikey pitch pilot. Rough cut with temp voiceovers and temp music13:24

Kappa Mikey pitch pilot. Rough cut with temp voiceovers and temp music.

Kappa mikey 150


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