Olajide JJ Olatunji is a British YouTuber (born June 19 1993) best known for his two YouTube channels, KSI and KSIOlajideBT.

In early 2013 to late 2012, JJ presumably uploaded a video where he read five pages worth of what appeared to be his brother Deji Olatunji (best known as Comedyshortsgamer, or CSG) and fellow YouTuber who JJ would occasionally play games with on his KSIOlajideBT channel.

As the legend goes, the video immediately became private due to a complaint from Deji himself for the video. YouTube also filed a complaint towards JJ, but to this day, the videos existence is a true mystery. JJ, Deji, or the alleged YouTube executive who requested it be removed have not at all commented on any of this mysterious event.

As as of now it's up to Deji and JJ's fans to decide if this rare, un-mirrored video exists or not.

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