Janet Waldo posing with an image of Judy Jetson.

In 1988, Hanna-Barbera started production on an animated film adaptation of their series The Jetsons. The original cast was hired to reprise their roles, save for the then-recently deceased Daws Butler, who had voiced Elroy.

However, at a later point during production, when Janet Waldo was still cast as Judy Jetson, Universal Studios executives and the manager of the pop star Tiffany (who had contributed three songs to the soundtrack) mandated that the part of Judy be recast, as it would help promote Tiffany's career and attract younger audiences. Waldo was unceremoniously let go from the film, and all the lines she recorded as Judy were then re-recorded by Tiffany.

Waldo was upset by this turn of events, as was casting director Andrea Romano. The latter of the two had even asked to be left uncredited for the film due to worry of receiving blame for the decision. The film was to originally be released in December 1989, but was delayed to 1990 to avoid competition with other movies. It was a box office flop, and the performance of Tiffany as Judy Jetson became widely criticized.

It is unknown if Janet Waldo's original vocal track for the film had survived to any degree, or if it was immediately wiped or lost over time.

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