Jellabies is an Australian TV series that was produced by Winchester Entertainment. It originally aired on ABC Kids in Australia. It then aired on Fox Family Channel in the United States, Treehouse TV in Canada, Kindernet in The Netherlands, and GMTV in the UK under the name Jellikins. The series ran from 1999-2003.


The animation for the series was done by Johnny and Mikel Lewis using 3D Studio Max. It features six beings named Pepper, Bouncey, Strum, Denny, Amber, and Coral. Occasionally, a character named Duffy the Dragon made appearances. He is the only non-Jellaby character.

The series focused on the characters going through different experiences, such as learning to plant seeds, giving gifts, and putting on a circus.

Missing Episodes

Of the 95 episodes, none are available in English as Jellabies, as those were taken down from Youtube some years ago. A few Jellikins episodes, however, exist online, but the UK broadcasts changed the design of the characters.

The only Jellabies episodes found so far are in Dutch. It should also be worth noting that a commercial in French, a commercial in Korean, the opening in German, and the opening in Hebrew exist.

Found Videos

Jellikins train trouble03:53

Jellikins train trouble

Jellikins- Hide and Seek (1999)05:19

Jellikins- Hide and Seek (1999)

Jellikins shadow full episode03:51

Jellikins shadow full episode

Jellikins jellyphone03:54

Jellikins jellyphone

Jellabies - Zaadjes04:57

Jellabies - Zaadjes

Jellabies and jellikins04:38

Jellabies and jellikins

Jellikins 14-03-0318:02

Jellikins 14-03-03



Jellikins- Circus (1999)03:55

Jellikins- Circus (1999)

Jellabies Bread Korean AD (1999)00:21

Jellabies Bread Korean AD (1999)

Jellikins music full episode04:51

Jellikins music full episode

There's Also A Dutch Dvdrip Of Jellabies - Adventure With The Jellscoop


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