Promo for The Jeffersons and In the Beginning 197800:23

Promo for The Jeffersons and In the Beginning 1978

A promo for what may be episode 3.

CBS Wednesday Promos - October 197801:33

CBS Wednesday Promos - October 1978

A promo for episode 4 (footage starts at 1:09).

McLean Stevenson In The Beginning 1978 CBS Turn Us On Promo00:22

McLean Stevenson In The Beginning 1978 CBS Turn Us On Promo

A promo for the series premiere.

IN THE BEGINNING opening credits CBS sitcom00:59

IN THE BEGINNING opening credits CBS sitcom

The opening credits.

In the Beginning is a 1978 CBS sitcom developed by Norman Lear and starring McLean Stevenson (M*A*S*H) and Priscilla Lopez. The premise is basically a semi-update of the film Going My Way, in that it involves Stevenson's character, conservative priest Father Cleary, and Lopez' character, liberal nun Sister Agnes (which Cleary calls "Atilla the Nun"), opening a mission together in Baltimore. The series was first developed in 1977 as Aggie, intended to be a starring vehicle for Lopez (who, prior to the series premiere, had acted on Broadway), but then Stevenson joined the cast and the series was reworked into In the Beginning.

Nine episodes were ordered for the 1978 fall season, and the show was planned to air on Saturday nights, but it was eventually moved to Wednesday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern time after The Jeffersons, premiering on September 20. Alas, it bombed harder than the first of Stevenson's six post-M*A*S*H bombs (the other four were NBC's infamous Hello, Larry, a revival of The Match Game, ABC's Condo, and the TV version of Dirty Dancing), the 1976 NBC sitcom The McLean Stevenson Show, and was cancelled after five episodes. As a result, no video footage of the show (save for a short shot of Stevenson, as seen in one version of CBS' "Turn Us On" promo, uploaded in 2007) was seen until 2011, when a promo was posted to YouTube. Between 2013 and 2014, two more promos and the opening credits (possibly implying a recording of a CBS broadcast exists, but it could have been sourced from a network print) were also posted.

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