"Those Darn Cousins"
It ends after here.
Status Partially Found

Homestar Runner is a web cartoon that is animated in Flash. It started out in 1999, and still has a huge fanbase today. However, some "toons" on the website were left unreleased/unfinished. Among the unfinished ones is "Those Darn Cousins", made in 2000/01.

The plot involves Preshy and Rafferdy, Homestar's cousins, visiting him. They act like angels around other people but torture Homestar when no one is looking. The unfinished short can be found on the video to the right, in a DVD featurette called "Why Come Only One Girl?", a featurette that discusses the troubled history of female characters not named Marzipan in the series. It is unknown if Matt and Mike Chapman (the creators of Homestar Runner) will finish it.

Why Come Only One Girl04:03

Why Come Only One Girl

"Those Darn Cousins" starts at 1:01

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