Gareth Marks' showreel, featuring scenes from some of the missing episodes (1:46 to 5:31).

Often considered one of the worst television shows ever made, Heil Honey I'm Home! was a 1990 sitcom featuring Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in a nice quiet neighborhood. The catch here is that the Hitlers live next to a pair of obnoxious Jewish neighbors called the Goldensteins. The sitcom, written by Geoff Atkinson and directed by Juliet May, enraged audiences due to its obvious offensive nature.

Only one episode aired on September 30th, 1990 on the Galaxy television network. The show was quickly cancelled due to exceptionally negative response and was never shown again. Since then, the one aired episode can be found easily on bootlegs and on YouTube, unlike the remaining 12 episodes (and according to the official website of Gareth Marks, actually 16 episodes) they reportedly recorded (with some even having been completely finished). Either way, the remaining episodes, to this day, have never been seen, having assumingly been sealed away in some unknown location.

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