Heaven Knows is a Blue album that was released in the UK in 1990.


  1. Heaven Knows
  2. Cryin' in My Sleep


In 2009, part of the original version of Heaven Knows was uploaded by YouTube user, DrCollision on YouTube. The full version can be found on Dean Collinson's website.

In 2013, YouTube user, Claudio Henrique uploaded a Phil Harding mix version of Heaven Knows onto YouTube.

In July 25, 2016, favoritesinoriginal uploaded Cryin' in My Sleep onto YouTube.


Dean Collinson in Blue - Heaven Knows02:05

Dean Collinson in Blue - Heaven Knows

Cryin' In My Sleep04:44

Cryin' In My Sleep

Blue - Heaven Knows (The Phil Harding Mix)05:47

Blue - Heaven Knows (The Phil Harding Mix)

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