Hankster Hillington is a popular YouTuber that makes YTP's of the show King of the Hill. Most of his videos have been met with praise of the YTP community for great special effects and editing skills, while also giving the YTP's a storyline. However the videos have much controversy, as copyright and nudity has gotten many of the video removed or Hankster was forced to re-edit the videos. In the fall of 2015 some of his video's were removed or flagged due to content in the videos and Hankster then announced he was moving to a new channel, but has since retracted this statement and returned to making new videos on Jan 31, 2016 with the release of Metal Dale and (Hank is...) Breaking Bwah'd. As of March 2016 some of the video's such as "Hanks Good Wife" have since been missing from the channel.

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