What the cover should had looked like

Half-Life 2: Episode Four, or better known under the working title Return to Ravenholm, was a cancelled first-person shooter game being developed by Arkane Studios from 2006 to 2007 for the Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, and PC. Not much is known about the game and very few screenshots and footage have surfaced.

News first came out about Episode Four in a May 2006 article on the Half-Life series from PC Gamer Magazine, stating that this installment would follow the end of the Half-Life 2 trilogy and have a stand-alone story. Later in December of 2007, it was said that Episode Three was to be the Half-Life 2 story arch, confirming Episode Four to be true. Only would we hear news about the game later in March 2011, where Randy Humphries posted concept art of the game. Later on January 13, 2012, Marc Laidlaw confirmed the existence of Episode Four as well as confirming it's cancellation.

Half Life 2- Episode 4 Concept Art01:08

Half Life 2- Episode 4 Concept Art

Return to Ravenholm Clips From Florent Perrin Demo 101:37

Return to Ravenholm Clips From Florent Perrin Demo 1

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