Guitar Hero 1: Original Beta Build/Unused Beta Elements
A screenshot for the Guitar Hero 1 Beta Video
Status Lost

In 2005, the first Guitar Hero rocked the masses (see what i did there?) with it's innovative guitar controller and gameplay style. Critics gave it overwhelmingly positive scores, and for a point in time it was the best selling PS2 game. (Although eventually that was taken by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.) However, the original beta build of Guitar Hero was completely different from the final build. In a bonus video included in Guitar Hero, it shows the beta build as well as features in it that were canned. In 2007, a Gamespot video was posted on YouTube of an early venue (possibly the Basement venue) and an early version of the song Spanish Castle Magic with vocals, before they were cut out in the final game.

Interesting differences in the 2 videos include:

  1. The colors of the frets are the colors of the rainbow, with the exception of the colors indigo and violet.
  2. The song Spanish Castle Magic was going to have vocals, as seen in the Gamespot video.
  3. There are no hammer ons or pull offs.
  4. The graphics and animations are different.
  5. The score gets built up in sections and then added to the current score, like the game Karaoke Revolution.
  6. There is no star power anywhere.
  7. The star power bar was a bar that showed how well you were doing during a scoring section.


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