Status Lost
iCarly was a Nickelodeon sitcom which aired from 2007 to 2012 



Gibby was a spinoff of iCarly which had ended 1 year prior. Around 2013 2 spinoff's were to be made, One of them actually aired in 2013 and the name of the spinoff was Sam and Cat, which focuses on Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine from Victorius living in their house babysitting kids. It only lasted 35 episodes and a single season due to various reasons (such as scandal, Grande's music career rising and disputes with McCurdy and Nickelodeon). The 2nd most obscure one was a spinoff focusing on the character Gibby from iCarly. According to the iCarly Wikia, Gibby now works at a recreational centre and becomes a mentor to a few middle school students.

Dan Schneider even tweeted about him editing the first episode. Unfortunately the edited pilot episode hasn't yet been leaked and it is unlikely that Dan Schneider or Nickelodeon will ever release it. Only the logo has ever been released.

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