Gertie on tour--excerpts01:41

Gertie on tour--excerpts

The surviving fragments.

Gertie The Dinosaur is the best known work by animator/cartoonist Winsor McCay (also known for the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland). The short is known for being one of the first truly innovative pieces of animation. Gertie proved that a cartoon character could have an identifiable personality. There were 2 versions of the original short available: one where Winsor would stand in front of the screen directing Gertie and one where inter-titles would give Gertie directions. The impressive animation continues to wow audiences to this day.

The sequel, Gertie On Tour, was planned but was left unfinished. Only a collection of fragments lasting a total of roughly two minutes has survived. It is not known exactly how much animation was completed for this, but it turns out that McCay probably felt fresh out of ideas and decided to drop the character (as can be seen by the fact that Gertie doesn't appear to be doing much in the fragment). Other early concept art showed that Gertie was going to be dancing around New York City, bouncing on tall buildings and various other shenanigans.

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