Felix the Cat 2010
Status Lost
TeamTo open the Festival international du Film merveilleux on June 30th !03:16

TeamTo open the Festival international du Film merveilleux on June 30th !

Promotional video featuring Felix the Cat footage

Felix the Cat is a shelved CGI animated series based off the famous classic cartoon character. It was to be produced by the French animation studio TeamTO, in association with Forecast Pictures and Felix the Cat Productions.[1] It is unknown if any episodes were produced, although Felix the Cat Productions CEO Don Oriolo had planned for the series to last 52 episodes.[2]

Only four characters from this series were revealed: Felix, Poindexter, the Professor, and an unidentified female character.[3] Felix and the Professor are mildly redesigned, though they still retain their basic look. Poindexter, however, has received a thorough modernization, losing his hat and gaining red hair. A Pilot was produced as proven by the leaked footage and screenshots but the release of the pilot or any work that came before or after the pilot is unlikely.




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