CBS 1976-77 "Executive Suite" Promo!!!00:32

CBS 1976-77 "Executive Suite" Promo!!!

Series promo A.

Executive Suite - CBS Fall Season Promo (1976)00:34

Executive Suite - CBS Fall Season Promo (1976)

Series promo B.

In 1976, Cameron Halwey's novel Executive Suite, which was already adapted into a 1954 movie, became a prime-time soap opera on CBS. While much of the series was focused on the struggle between Don Walling (Mitchell Ryan), president of the Los Angeles-based Cardway Corporation (with assistance from his wife Astrid, played by Gwyda Donhowe), and vice president Howell Ruteledge (Stephen Elliott), there were glimpses of Don's family, namely his kids Brian (Leigh McCloskey) and Stacey (Wendy Phillips). 20 episodes were ordered, but only 18 ever aired between September 20, 1976 and its cancellation after the February 11, 1977 episode, "Aftermath of a Tragedy". Since then, only two promos have been posted to the Internet.

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