Evil Con Carne is a Cartoon from Cartoon Network, which aired from 2001 to 2004, and Created for Creator from Billy and Mandy: Maxwell Atoms.

This Cartoon Exhibited in Brazil Too, in Cartoon Network Brazil, Any People from No Recording Episodes from Evil Con Carne in Brazilian Dub, One Episode is Available in Brazilian Portuguese Dub, The Episode: The Pie Who Loved Me in YouTube, The Only Episode with Brazilian Portuguese Dub in Internet, Evil Con Carne is Not Exhibited in Block: Cartoon Zaum (Cartoon Pop in Brazil) in Cartoon Network Brazil.


YouTube user Rogerio Barbosa Ferraz Junior (also known as Juniorbf50 or Juniorbf41) posted 6 new episodes dubbed of evil con carne along with some rare era city bumpers on them later posted on separate by the channel Antigo CN era city.

Voice cast:

Studio: Delart. Mauro Ramos as Hector con Carne. Elida Lastorina as Major Dr. Ghastly. Hamilton Ricardo as General Skarr. Luiz Sergio Vieira as Hector's stomach. Carlos Marques as Commando Cod (some episodes). Paulo Vignolo as Destructicus con Carne. Waldyr Sant'anna as Estroy. Alexandre Moreno as Abraham Lincoln [Moreno would later voice this character in "Clone High" and "Turbo FAST"].

Link to Channel:

YouTube Mal Encarnado A torta que me amava

YouTube Mal Encarnado A torta que me amava