Everybody Here is a 1980s educational program that ran for two years on the Channel 4 Television Corporation in the United Kingdom. The show had several children from various nations and the English poet Michael Rosen (playing the role of Mr. Smarty Pants) talk about different cultures/traditions across the world. Despite many people claiming to remember the show and its catchphrase "Everybody, verybody, erybody, rybody, ybody, body, ody, dy, y!" only a handful of websites mention the show: IMDB [1], TV Cream [2], and Film Forever [3] (all 3 having very little information). As of now only one title slide, the opening, and a very short clip have been uploaded into one video by benriggers. He claims that he does not have the full episode.

  3. [1]
Channel 4 Junction 22nd December 198303:23

Channel 4 Junction 22nd December 1983

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