DISCLAIMER: This article deals with NSFW content. Those who feel uncomfortable reading about, discussing, or searching about such a work, as well as young children without parental approval, should back out now.

Eros America was a bimonthly documentary series on human sexuality that was broadcast on Cinemax from 1983 to an unknown length of time. The series was never released on any form of home video, nor have any recordings surfaced outside of advertisements.

One segment in particular from an unknown episode, "69 Positions in 60 Seconds", became infamous in New Zealand for being broadcast on the news program Nightline on a random evening without warning. However, footage of even this segment has not managed to turn up online.

Cinemax Promos (1988)-Part 1 of 310:49

Cinemax Promos (1988)-Part 1 of 3


The first episode of the series is in the Paley Center for Media collection.

Oddity Archive- Episode 5 - American EXXXtasy (and other C-band nastiness)16:05

Oddity Archive- Episode 5 - American EXXXtasy (and other C-band nastiness)


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