Stinky trains Jake to compete for the Synchronized Tree-Swinging Competition, with help from our featured guests.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing
  • Guest: Hector the Spider Monkey, from Central and South America and the coastal forests of Mexico (found on YouTube)
  • Baby Talk
  • Song
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda tries to ask an albatross a question while a black-and-white cat (Socks) bothers her
  • Yves St. La Roach
  • Guest: Mel the Lemur
  • Song
  • Animal Awards
  • Story
  • Habitat Time
  • Rodent Reporter: Rhonda tries to ask a tortoise a question while a badger bothers her
  • Closing


  • Dave Goelz as Stinky
  • Steve Whitmire as Jake
  • Bill Barretta as Armstrong, Dullard, and Mel the Lemur
  • Louise Gold as Bunnie and Rhonda
  • John Eccleston as Yves St. La Roach and Hector the Spider Monkey
  • Katherine Smee as an albatross and a tortoise


  • Mel the Lemur is a recycled version of Billy Bob the Lemur.
  • The albatross Rhonda interviews is a recycled version of Molly the Albatross.
  • The tortoise Rhonda interviews will later be seen this season as Penelope the Yellow-Footed Tortoise.
  • The badger Rhonda gets bothered by while interviewing a tortoise is a recycled version of Humphrey the Badger.

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