Since our featured guests are dangerous, even though they look like they are, Stinky plans to trap him and Jake in a cage with no way out.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing
  • Guest: Phoenicia the Hippopotamus, from Africa
  • Baby Talk
  • Song
  • Tizzy's Quiz
  • Yves St. La Roach
  • Guest: Travis the African Buffalo, from Africa
  • Song
  • Animal Awards
  • Story
  • Habitat Time
  • Tizzy's Quiz
  • Closing


  • Dave Goelz as Stinky
  • Steve Whitmire as Jake
  • Bill Barretta as Armstrong and Travis the African Buffalo
  • Louise Gold as Bunnie, Tizzy, and Phoenicia the Hippopotamus
  • John Eccleston as Yves St. La Roach

Found Clips

  • A small clip of Travis' song can be seen at the beginning of an "Animal Show" promo, which was posted on RetroJunk, and was later posted on YouTube, but was deleted, and it is currently available on Dailymotion.


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