イーグルサム OP1 ED1 予告02:43

イーグルサム OP1 ED1 予告

The opening and ending to the anime.

Eagle Sam (イーグルサム) is a anime based on Sam, the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics mascot. The anime is produced by DAX Production and aired only in Japan from April 7, 1983 to March 29, 1984 on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System), for a total of 51 episodes.[1] Long before the Games began, Sam was a star in Japan. The opening and ending credits were performed by Eagles.

Only 1 episode, previews, picture books, cels, opening and ending credits of the anime were known to survive and no other episodes, manga, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray releases, or even other information of it have surfaced.


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