The kids' show "Dora the Explorer" had 2 pilot episodes.

"Pilot Episode"

Known Info


Dora and Boots find a way out to the Giant Cupcake.


Dora (debut)

Boots (debut)

Backpack (debut)

Map (debut)

Swiper (debut)

Benny (debut)

Isa (debut)

Tico (debut)

Grumpy Old Troll (debut)

Mami (debut)

Papi (debut)


  • Dora's early design had a purple shirt and blue pants, this design was used in several MAD episodes.
  • Boots's early design had a purple skin, light-purple face and green shoes.
  • The pilot was finished in June 12, 1999.

"Test Pilot"

This pilot can be found online, however, the audio is unavailable.


  • Dora has the final design, however, Boots still isn't the same as the final.
    Dora The Explorer Test Pilot (1999)00:16

    Dora The Explorer Test Pilot (1999)

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