どんどんドメルとロン Don-Don Domeru/Domel to Ron is TV anime by Du

pa (Dupa) · Nakahara Maki's original. It is TV TOKYO, it is from 18: 00 ~ 18: 25 every Tuesday from April 5, 1988 to September 27, 1988, every Monday from October 3 to March, 1989 from 17:00 ~ 17:30 It was broadcast in the time zone (54 episodes). From 1994 to 1995, a rebroadcast (at 8 o'clock in the morning) was also held.

but there are no Don-Don Domeru released on VHS and DVD.

There's a English dub version of Don-Don Domeru by Saban was Retitled Wowser.

but still no Wowser or Dommel was released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Orignal Ending Credits and Orginal Opening in Poland02:36

Orignal Ending Credits and Orginal Opening in Poland

Orginal Promo (1988)00:16

Orginal Promo (1988)

Original Japanese Promo (1988)

Domel to Ron Theme Music (1988)04:08

Domel to Ron Theme Music (1988)

Wowser original japanese logo (1988)

Original Japanese logo (1988)

Orignal Japanese Intro in Poland01:21

Orignal Japanese Intro in Poland

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