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Disney's Magic Game Kingdom Online was a Disney website featuring games based off of Disney Characters, including educational games. The site started in the late 1990's under the name "Disney's Daily Blast", and then it became "Disney's Blast Club" around late 1998 or early 1999, in late 2000, it became known as simply "Disney's Blast" in late 2000, and finally, it was changed to "Disney's Magic Game Kingdom Online" in 2007. The site was originally free until the early 2000's. It featured 3 main sections, which were "Mouse House/Blast Jr.", The "Blast Dome", and The "Super Mega Prize Center". When the site was renamed in 2007, all sections were dropped except for the "Super Mega Prize Center". In 2011, the website shut down, but it was still available on Disney Connection from sometime until they shut down in late 2013 or early 2014, causing some games and prizes on Disney's Magic Game Kingdom to be lost.


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Known Games

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