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Deko Boko Friends, a collection of 30-second shorts that aired on Okaasan to Issho NHK in Japan until Tomodachi Hachi Nin replaced it, is the only animated series of shorts from Okaasan to Issho to be dubbed in English. The English dub was made by Viz Media and shown on the block, Nick Jr. and Noggin in the US, and Treehouse TV in Canada as a filler for commercial breaks. Only an few episodes of the English dub resurfaced while the others are lost.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 19, 2016: Hfmbears found 2 more episodes featuring Nutton Nose and Kembong! Thank you!

Viz media europe Deko Boko Friends Anime01:47

Viz media europe Deko Boko Friends Anime

An set of 3 episodes from the English dub.

Deko Boko Friends00:28

Deko Boko Friends

An episode of the English dub with low quality and low sound.

Noggin- Show and Tell (Deko Boko Friends)01:15

Noggin- Show and Tell (Deko Boko Friends)

An set of 2 episodes from the English dub shown on the Show and Tell segment on Noggin.

Noggin Commercial Break (2005) Part 108:48

Noggin Commercial Break (2005) Part 1

Go to 7:34 for 2 episodes featuring Nutton Nose and Kembong

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