Dan August Starring Burt Reynolds In Double Jeopardy a.k.a01:33:04

Dan August Starring Burt Reynolds In Double Jeopardy a.k.a. Once Is Never Enough

The 1980 TV movie reedit.

In 1970, Burt Reynolds was practically a relative unknown, with his breakthrough role in Deliverance only a couple years away. His last television role before then was the Quinn Martin production Dan August, an ABC series starring Reynolds as a police lieutenant investigating homicide cases in his fictional hometown of Santa Luisa, California. 23 episodes were shown before it was cancelled, though reruns did air on CBS in 1973 and 1975, and two episodes were re-edited into a TV movie in 1980. In more recent years, 20 episodes have been circulated on the bootleg market, and 10 episodes were shown on getTV on May 21, 2017, albeit without closing credits and with the 1988 Worldvision Enterprises logo at the end.

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