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The Cybersix series had originally started out as a comic book series, and there were subsequently two different adaptations- there is the well-known animated series and the lesser-known live-action series.

Christopher Garrison "Cybersix"04:33

Christopher Garrison "Cybersix"

The live-action series had originally aired on the Argentine television channel Telefe on March 15th 1995. It lasted for one season, approximately 8 episodes, and each about 60 minutes long. It was soon cancelled due to poor ratings. It is unknown the exact number of episodes it had and how long the series has lasted for. The episodes are extremely difficult to find, only a few clips of it are found on YouTube.

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Known Information

Cybersix and Lucas Arguing

The cast of characters includes model Carolina Pelleritti starring as Cybersix, Claudio Da Passano as Lucas Amato, Gonzalo Urtizberéa as Krumens, Iván Espeche as Von Reichter, Verónica Ponieman as Lori Cadenas, Rodrigo De la Serna as Jose, as well as Jorge García Marino, Jorge Marrale and Cecilia Milone playing additional characters.

The series was filmed in Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina. The production companies were Patagonik TV Group and Televisión Federal (Telefe), and the special effects company was Elcarimat FX.

Original idea and general direction by José Luis Massa. Written by Ricardo Rodríguez along with creators Carlos Meglia and Carlos Trillo. Director's assistants were Mario Segade and Héctor Russo. Produced by Luis Gandulfo, Sebastián Parrotta, Fernando Rascovsky and Andre Ronco. Series cinematography by Pablo Derecho. Series art direction by Marcelo Bosco and Jo Johannes. And series special effects by Christian Gruaz. Staging by Daniel Soria and photography by Pablo Derecho.


In a secret laboratory in the middle of the jungle Dr. Von Reichter, a nazi scientist, is genetically producing a series of quasi-human creatures.

Thousands of these beings are already working, mingled among the real worldwide human population, to reach powerful and influential positions thinking that one day von Reichter might become the master of the world. All of the series produced, the Technos, the Types, the Fixed-Ideas are all obedient slaves, subjected to Von Reichter's desires. However early in the 70's, one of the series produced in test tubes in the jungle lab, came out showing serious malfunctioning features : the Cyber series. By 1980, the lot of 5.000 Cyber children were 9 years old as ordinary children, they had committed the wildest and most unbearable of faults : they had disobeyed the orders given. Their misbehaviour brought about their final destruction. The doctor effectively did away them all. However, a Cyber girl - Nº6 - is able to escape, helped by a black employee who runs with her to a small fisher's town in the north of Brazil. The Fixed-Ideas, series, ordered to find the rebel Cyber girl, eventually succeed in killing the black man, but the Cyber girl manages to escape.

Fifteen years later, in a sulfurous and evil city called Meridiana, Cyber finds the perfect place to hide away. She decides to take up a double personality, trying to live unnoticed. During the day, she is a teacher of Literature, and at night she becomes Cybersix, a powerful, non-human woman. In order to survive, she lives on a vital substance, common to von Reichter's creatures, sucked from the necks of those who obediently follow the lunatic scientist.

Meridiana at night, becomes the scenario of a devastating war. Cybersix fights against artificial beings who are striving to get hold of the whole world. She, a lab-made creature herself, will fight against her parents and brothers defending humans who are totally unaware of the danger that surrounds their lives. All along her constant fight, Cybersix will play heroine and anti-heroine as well. A character that nobody will be able to forget.




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