Canimals: What is it?
Curious Canimals
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Canimals is a series where curious animals made out of cans experience the world in unique ways, but there is also a beta of the Canimals series which follows the title "Curious Canimals: What is it?". These episodes are slightly shorter than an actual episode as the original episodes of Canimals, but they were rarely heard in the community of Canimals. I have only found three of these episodes:
Canimal -Balloon

Canimal -Balloon

Canimals 2008 Found Episode

Canimals 2008 Found Episode

There is only one small flaw, there are separate versions of the Balloon episode, one with narration and one that does not feature dialouge that has a slight music change.

The Canimals looked different and there were 7 Canimals and their names are:Cuckoo, Paul, Pal, Nia, Toki, Chad, Boba, and Nao, Some of these Canimals made it into the real series with different names, as there were new Canimals like Mimi, and Leon. There was only one clip from the unnamed 2008 episode of Canimals at the end of the credits where the skunk kills the dogs in a small fart explosion, and the explosion expanded into a large explosion that killed the cats, all pieced together. The other beta episodes dissapeared into the dark web of Voozclub, where they can only be

Curious Canimal-Circus Show

Curious Canimal-Circus Show

accessed by URL, because there are no links on the homepage of Voozclub. These episodes were forgotten and only people who searches the unpopular and unknown can find these episodes. If you find more episodes or screenshots of any other episodes in the series, please post on this page. I found a photo of MLG Canimals(not the meme), and it has shown Cuckoo, Toki, Capri, and Koby, and I have never seen the hamster in the series before, and there wasn't Leon in the found episodes, so there's got to be more hidden episodes, so he must be a part of the Curious Canimals series, and I found a photo to the left:


Other Characters

There is one thing about the 2008 I also found out, it is that it wasn't FOUND on Voozclub, instead, it was found on Facebook as he said in the comments below, if you click the Youtube button on the bottom, so that must have meant that it wasn't only found on VOOZclub, but on the most popular social media website called Facebook. The original poster says it was one of his first works with VOOZclub around 2008. I found a really good photo of the lost series of Canimals that caught my attention, because it actually featured the found episodes of Canimals, and it has shown the beta version of Canimals in the poster, and here is the photo to prove it:

Canimals beta poster

Curious Canimals poster

Maybe it would be easier to find these episodes, and maybe find more pictures of this lost series.

There is another video I have found on Youtube that probably follow the lost series of Curious Canimals: What is it?, as the title card said Curious Canimals:

Canimals Christmas

Canimals Christmas

What is distinct between the beta version and the real version is that there is one person narrating the stories of Canimals, as in the original versions, people did not acknowledge them. There is also a new clip I found in the credits of the real version of Canimals, it starts at the beginning of this video where a Siamese cat sniffs out a can and runs away, while the Canimals lean back a little, and unlike the rest of clips that was aired on Youtube, this one was never seen as a whole. Do you see how Fizzy, or in this case, Chad was colored. You see, in the real version of Canimals Fizzy's can color is all blue, as in the pilot series, his colors were purple with hearts around him. This has to be a beta testing or a full episode not found for years and years to come. All of the episodes come from VOOZclub, so there must be an abandoned series of Canimals still hidden on the internet:

Canimal Closing ( Korea version)

Canimal Closing ( Korea version)

Where the clip fragment was found

Thanks to an anonymous user, I also found this photo with the word 'Canimals' in it, and it probably was made in the beta version of Canimals:
Canimal img1

There were also title cards on the internet that was shown, but it was not acknowledged that much:


Curious Canimals Critic Photo

There is also another episode that caught my attention the other day, and it might have involve Fizzy, or Chad in this case. I named it "Bigger Animals", because I based this off a clip fragment that was shown at the end of the credits, and here is a screenshot, and it must have been part of this lost series:
Canimals Lost Episode Screenshot

Lost Episode Screenshot

If you want to learn more about this episode, please click here.

Canimals Lost Episode Fragment 1

Canimals Lost Episode Fragment 1

I also found this picture lately on a Scratch project made by a cool kid named EDMAN224, and he explained it really well, and what was really interesting is that there are episodes from 2010, and I didn't think there were episodes from 2010 that were found today, and besides EDMAN224, there was a 2008 episode, too, and that was the skunk episode, if you are viewing this, click here to see the skunk episode, and if I am wrong, please post a video on this wikia and we can talk about this, and I almost forgot about THIS picture, found again by that anonymous user who sent me the other picture. It was on a website by a man called Ben Price, showcasing his work on beta Nia.

Canimals Lost Series Picture
Canimals Lost Series Review

Thanks to him again, I actually found the owner of the picture from the scratch project, and he might be right here, finally, is in spanish, so I recommend translating this page for more information about the series. This website might seem silly, but to me, it is a treasure as a Canimal fan myself. If you have find more media about this lost series, please post it in the comments below. What a smart boy!

This is a new poster of stacking Canimals, and it was made by the idea that they can open and close, giving them the advantage of stacking:

Canimals Poster in Seoul

There was also another person who mentioned a game of Canimals called little guardians and you can see in this screenshot of Toki, he was brown, kind of like his beta design, when in the modern Canimals he is gray, check the beta version of Toki right here:

Beta Toki

When he was in the modern version of Canimals, he looked like the picture on the bottom right, and the photo on the bottom are Canimals with Ice Cream


And it just keeps coming and coming when it comes to this lost series, but we need to find episodes, too, just to let you know, and here is a prototype drawing of Oz, maybe when the Christmas short was made, I took a screenshot of in ARIRANG CULTURE:

Curious Canimals Oz Drawing

If you want more information about this lost series, please watch this video:

Arts Avenue 2016 Calvin Kim of Vooz Club(부즈클럽, 김유경 대표)

Arts Avenue 2016 Calvin Kim of Vooz Club(부즈클럽, 김유경 대표)

This series has to be a beta test, because every episode has different designs of the characters. Pow used to make a "cuckoo" sound and go by the name "Cuckoo the Owl", and Oz was named Nao, Nia was named Nia, Fizzy was named Chan. There were also Canimals that didn't make it in the production, such as Boba, Wooang, and that hamster I don't know the name to. However, Wooang made slight appearances in newer versions of the episode, heck he even made it into the "CANIMALS Show", which was significant, but Boba was never heard from again. The MLG website has stated that there is an owl, a rabbit, a turtle, an elephant and hamster. I have seen the elephant before, but it was at the Canimals Show, though. That must of hinted the existence of Elly in this series, because Elly had a confirmed appearance in 2015, but predicted in 2008, that is 7 years from that time. There was also a big error of the posters of the series, as the photo below shows the logo saying,"Happy Canimals: We can do it!", the other episodes of the series says "Curious Canimals: What is it?", that is also another strong reason there are other episodes in this lost series. Do you see in the credits episode how the song is similar to the beta version of the intro, and how the first clip seems to be taken off a beta shown in the recording above? This leaks a hidden episode of Canimals, and the song. It is even on the Netflix icon, if you go on the PS4, and go see the tumbnail of Canimals, you can easily see the beta poster with Nia acting surprised, and no one even acknowledged Nia in her different design. What the best part of this series is that the idea was made in 2006, and it even says in the article itself on wordpress. The last thing that was heard about the Lost series is that the character design started in 2006 and that was significant. Let's not forger that a soundtrack was used in this lost series found by the humble DJ 3lectrical, and it was 11 Months of Grandfather. Here is the video:

Canimals OST- 11 Months of Grandfather

Canimals OST- 11 Months of Grandfather

He have claimed that it was from some Korean sitcom, and was found with Shazam. Go to his Youtube channel for more information, and he had a part in this wiki. Thanks DJ!

What I have found out is that there are more to Curious Canimals than just episodes, there were also shorts of this lost series, so I have found a few new episodes of this series, and I think they are short episodes of Curious Canimals. One way I know this is Curious Canimals is that they were made in 2010, and the real Canimals were released in 2011, so this must be another lost episode I have found, thanks to AndersonLima. I have also found a new website that may have a huge reference to Curious Canimals, and that is the Canimals website itself here.



In conclusion, there is a lot of evidence that there is more to this series, and that it is very well known, but there is no evidence of another episode except the Canimals:Bigger Animals clip, where it was just 5 seconds, and it was officially unamed, the phrase "Bigger Animals" is just a codename. My wikia blog is getting bigger and bigger everyday, and let me know in the comments below if you have memories of any other episodes, or even a fragment or a full



episode, please. By the way, this wiki post is filling with tons of pictures, and I need to find this guy who gave me these pictures.

This is all thanks to DJ 3lectrical!

From now on, I am going to post all of my pictures down here so I don't lose my mind:

Curious Canimals








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