Only Known Screenshot

 Cuckoorancho was a 1938 short subject released by Columbia Pictures, it was Joe Besser's first appearance in a Columbia Short



Joe Besser is featured in this short as a wanderer who is mistaken as a millionaire by an owner of a hacienda.


The film was filmed in New York, USA for a duration of 5 days from January 27, 1938 and wrapped up on February 1, 1938 and was released 1 month later on March 25, 1938. The production title was Rancho-Bango. It ran for 16 1/2 minutes. No prints have been found of the short. Only a single publicity still has surfaced and no collectors have claimed to state that they have a copy of the short. It is not even included on The Three Stooges Rare Treasures from the Columbia Vault DVD set.

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