Crystal Tipps and Alistair is a British cartoon produced for the BBC. The title characters are a girl and her dog who are joined by their friends Birdie and Butterfly. There are 50 five-minute episodes and a 20-minute Christmas special, all first shown between 1971 and 1974.

However all the episodes of Crystal Tipps and Alistair could not be found online except YouTube. Only a handful of episodes were uploaded to YouTube while many episodes were on DVD or on VHS. We need to upload all episodes to YouTube now!

(FOUND) - Means the episode is now found on the internet.

An episode title without the "(FOUND)" text remains unavailable on the internet.


1. Birdie 2. Butterfly 3. Flying High 4. The Art Gallery 5. Keep Fit 6. Fishing 7. Party Time 8. Decorating 9. Sowing Seeds 10. Trip to the Seaside (FOUND) 11. Yo Yo 12. The Postman 13. Dressing Up 14. Music Makers 15. Snow 16. It's Quicker By Tube 17. Zoo Time 18. Spring Cleaning 19. Boots 20. Chimney Sweep 21. The Circus 22. On Wheels 23. Tennis Time 24. The Swimming Pool 25. Picnic Time 26. Surprise (FOUND) 27. Bubbles 28. Pussy 29. Gardening 30. Still Life 31. Sailing 32. Golf 33. Waterworks 34. Eastern Magic 35. Dough 36. The Fortune Teller 37. The Monster (FOUND) 38. Hotel 39. The Dog House 40. Trampoline 41. Knitting 42. Bump in the Night 43. Vacuum Cleaner 44. Professor 45. Cricket 46. Kitten Care 47. The Farm 48. Sculptures 49. Topiary 50. The Magician

51. Christmas Special

Found Episodes - Intro - "Surprise" Episode - "Trip to the Seaside" Episode - "The Monster" Episode


Check the news more often for new episodes or news about the found episodes!

August 7, 2016 - cliparchiv uploaded the "The Monster" episode to YouTube! Check it out here:

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