During fall 2014 to fall 2015, an UTTP-esque organization was formed on Polish YouTube, called Armia AntyS*ajkraftowa, which was created by user Kijaczenko to stop the game Minecraft from flooding Polish YouTube. It was doing pretty well, but soon got destroyed by combined forces of minecraft fanboys (usually 10 to 13 years old), fanboys of Polish minecrafter Vertez, and confilcting orders from the Army. A variety of Army's videos got deleted, but one of them - Ciemna Strona Polskiego YouTube #8 -Kacper Prawda remains unreachable to this day.


Ciemna Strona Polskiego YouTube (Dark Side of Polish Youtube) was Kijaczenko's series that was poking fun of various YouTube channels, mainly the ones belonging to kids. It was his most succesfull series, and still continues to this day on his channel. One of the episodes talking about Kacper Prawda, a kid that made an infamous video of him talking to a banana set to the song Banana Phone was taken down during the initial destruction of Kijaczenko's channel by combined forces of Minecraft kids, former Army members that decided to quit, and OSPYT (Yet another UTTP-esque organization, Army's nemesis at the time). Every episode of Ciemna Strona Polskiego YouTube survived and got reuploaded on Kijaczenko's new channel, except one with Kacper Prawda which (according to Kijaczenko) not only got deleted from YouTube, but also got lost during his hard drive's failure, thus getting deleted pernamently. It is unknown whether or not someone actually posesses a copy of this video on his drive or on YouTube.

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