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In the mid-to-late 80's, when 1-900/976 numbers were at their peak, a commercial aired for a service where children could become rockstars and sing via the telephone with a fictional clown called Chuckles the Clown. The commercial began with a claymation clown (the titular Chuckles of the service) singing, and then cut to a boy jumping on his bed in his bedroom while his mom vaccums the room. A few seconds later, the boy turns into a rockstar and Chuckles tells the viewers about the hotline. This ad has been remembered by many children who grew up in the 80's, but has never been found on the internet. However, in 2009, an ad for a Easter Bunny hotline with similar animation showed up on YouTube, but has since been taken down. All that remains are the lyrics to the ad, which were posted on an 80's pop culture newsgroup.

The lyrics (as posted on said newsgroup)

Time to rock and roll with Chuckles The Clown

We are waiting for the sound of your tone

You can be in the Chuckles Band

Just sing into the telephone!

You can be in the Chuckles Band

Just sing into the telephone!

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