Cartoon Network's Fridays

This is a logo of Fridays, seen on the CNF teaser promo from the summer of 2003.

On September 5, 2003, Summer Fridays was replaced with Cartoon Network's Fridays. The block had no hosting segments, unlike the "original" CCF. It aired simply reruns of 15 Cartoon Cartoons (with new episodes of Dexter and The PPGs) and non-Cartoon Cartoons until Tommy and Nzinga comes on 5 October with live-action format of CCF. However, no recordings of this short-lived block exist on the Internet, but this eventually went missing.

UPDATE 15.9.2016: Captain B. Zarre has finally found this intro on his YouTube channel!

​UPDATE 18.3.2017:​ Captain B. Zarre has finally found a different intro for TGAOBAM and KND and the KND bumpers on his channel!